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Greenhouse Kits March 8, 2008

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For busy gardeners, buying a Green House Kits offers one compelling advantage: Everything you need to build your greenhouse — down to the last nut and bolt — and delivered right to your door. Besides shopping convenience, a ready-to-assemble green house kit removes the guesswork, a big plus if you’re a first-time greenhouse owner.

Most kit greenhouses can be assembled by two people in two days or less. You will first have to build a foundation and make utility arrangements — electrical, water, etc..

Sometimes it’s advantageous to buy your kit from a greenhouse supplier who also offers a line of high-quality accessories, such as shelving,lighting and irrigation systems. It’s always tempting to purchase general purpose accessories from a discount store. Sometimes these discount solutions will do the trick. But it’s worth pointing out that greenhouse equipment is specially designed to survive dirt, insects, extreme heat and moisture, and to fit without damaging the greenhouse or voiding its warranty.


When you begin researching before buying a green house kit, you’ll quickly discover that there are many options available. You’ll find both attached and freestanding models, and in a wide variety of sizes and construction styles.You’ll find curved and straight eaves, roof, side and end vents, and various gutter drainage systems. Framing materials include wood, PVC, and various gauges of aluminum and steel frames. Coverings include tempered glass, double-or triple-wall rigid plastic panels, and clear plastic sheeting.

Analyze many models, keeping your goals (and, of course, your budget) in mind.

It’s a good idea to make sure that the green house kit you have your eye on will expand to accommodate your future needs. Many greenhouse owners find that they need to expand their square footage almost immediately. Once you actually begin using the greenhouse, you’ll discover a whole new world of possibilities.


Consider both greenhouse kit cost and ease of assembly. Complex, ornate designs will generally be more expensive and more time-consuming to assemble. But generally,the more expensive the design, the more complete the kit will be.

Simpler, less expensive kits sometimes require additional purchases.

If your kit doesn’t include everything you need to build a green house, determine what else you may need to purchase, and consider the degree of assembly complexity this introduces into the equation. In many high-end kits, all structured components are pre-drilled, all panels are cut to fit. In less expensive kits, you may find yourself cutting panels and drilling holes.

Calculate the true cost of your greenhouse. To the kit price, add shipping, taxes,the cost of the foundation, utility connections, and labor cost, if any. If possible, read the assembly manual online before you purchase to see whether you possess the necessary level of skill required. If it looks like you’ll need help, be sure to budget labor cost.

When the kit arrives,unpack the pieces carefully, and count everything immediately to make sure you received exactly what you were supposed to.Contact your supplier immediately if any pieces are missing. You don’t want missing pieces to hold up your assembly process.

Study the plans thoroughly before beginning assembly. Building a green house kit is similar to working a jigsaw puzzle. Every piece is designed to fit hand in glove. Don’t skip steps! Most greenhouses will last for many years if properly assembled and properly maintained.

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